Pink and cookies

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For the dutchies this is an all familiar image: roze koeken (Pink cake-like cookies). Personaly I never liked them much (too sweet and too pink) but during my high school years half my class was living on these (oh youth...).

Today I've been working on a commission for &Katern (section in dutch newspapers), that involved these pink ladies of cake. This is a small detail, I can show more in a few weeks, but can tell already that the illustration has a little dark side to it.... More about it later!

wedding invitation in the making

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Oh my, it's been a loooong time since I posted here. So many things have happened, good, bad and inbetween but I'm still here (in case you wondered...).

This year, I'm promised myself I could take things a bit slow - workwise - to focus on taking care of a toddler and a little baby (who has severe reflux. Short story: a condition that includes a lot of painfull vomitting and exhausting days and nights).
Now that L is 6 months old I like to pick things up a bit, starting with blogging.

In the mean time, I'm planning our wedding! I can tick the location, dress and flowers boxes (this lovely lady will be in charge of flowers) and now I'm designing the wedding invitation.

A few weeks ago I teamed up with the toddler and together we made 'shapes' (I tried to keep him restricted to his own sheet of paper but he insisted on drawing on mine as well, he also insisted on adding a postal sticker). We filled a few sheets with crayon, marker and fineliner and I scanned them. In the end I only used a small selection of the shapes.
My idea for the invitation was that it should not have the 'standard flower arrangement and pastel colors' but abstract shapes that could overlap or interlock (do you feel the theme here?).
Because my dress is a very soft nude pink, for the invitation design I went for a pink spin off combined with red (a more strong color that in this concept stands for my husband....mmmm, I guess I'm not a big feminist ;-) )

I'll show you the finished invitation once it's printed and send to our guests!

Hello world!

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Here I am, back from maternity leave but... struggling to start working again...

Where work life after giving birth to my son three years ago seemed easy (he slept a lot + my husband was home a lot too), now with our little girl it feels a lot harder. Not only because there's also our toddler running around (although I must say he's a very very sweet big brother to Lieve) but also because Lieve has reflux (a condition where baby's vomit a lot which causes a painful gullet).

We've been to a Osteopath with her and this helped a lot. Since then the sleeps more, we can lay her down (before I had to sit up with her all the time) and she mostly sleeps through the night.
The whole process during the past weeks has wore me down though.

That said, I really like working again but find it hard to find the time and peace to do my work poperly and in a non-stressed way (working from home is not ideal at this stage).
Therefore I will prolong my blog break for a while. I will post on Facebook and Instagram though. Hope to see you there! :-)

I'm on maternity leave!

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Instant comfort pocket box - winners!

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And the winners of the cactus comfort box give away are:

Livdueck (via Instagram)
If you'll both email me your address I'll send the boxes to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for joining everyone!

working on... + give away


This is such a strange feeling... While there's so much going on the world (the assessment in Nice, the coup d'etat in Turkey and all other terrorist actions) I'm drawing symbols of persecution for a commission...
It makes me a bit uncomfortable to research for things like 'military tank images' in my own safe little studio while all these sad things are happening.

Let's all be kind and helpful to the people around us: neighbors, friends, family, loved ones or strangers in your street to start a humble counter movement to all this violence and hatred!

To start this little movement... I'll give away two instant comfort pocket boxes of a cactus saying 'you look wonderful today. Tell me why and who you'd like to give one (in a comment on this post, FB or instagram) and I'll pick two winners by tuesday july 26.

Illustration workshop on SALE!

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Apart from the Instant Comfort Boxes designs from last season, the selfstudy illustration workshop is also on sale!

In this workshop you learn all about taking your illustrations and drawings to a next (3D) level. No experience needed, just enthusiasm! After payment you be able to instantly download a pdf with all info and tutorials for 4 weeks of assignments + access to two inspiring videos.

You can find the illustration workshop in my Etsy shop. Have fun!

new studio

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After the big shuffle from a few weeks ago, my new studio/ workspace is finally picture-ready ;-).

I'm now in the smallest room in our home (ok, not really the smallest room, that would be the toilet...), only 7 square meters! I was a bit worried about this: would everything fit in there, would it become a space I would like to work in, would I be able to teach private lessons here, would it be comfortable? Fortunately I can answer a big Yes to all those questions!

Because it's a small space, I decide to make it my personal green-work-oasis with lots of plants and white to give it an airy and spacious feel. The room overlooks our back yard, which adds to the 'green' experience. Overall I'm quite pleased with the result and more so, I am more than happy to have offered up my former studio so we were able to create a more spacious kids room.

Now it's only 3 weekw till my pregnancy leave (except for the etsyshop, this will stay open till about mid august) and I'm happy everything is finished and ready, well on time!

Birth Announcement Card design

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When being pregnant, does one attract other expecting parents? I don't know but funny enough I've been making not only birth announcement for my own little girl but also for a little girl called Kate who was born in June.

Her parents asked me to design a card that would reflect the various countries they lived and live in. I used indian ink and watercolor to draw the design and they had it printed on beautiful textured natural card stock. I'm quite smitten with the result ;-)

Now back to the drawing table for my own birth announcement card...

summer sale in the etsy shop!!!

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Hellooooo Summerrrr!

Big sale in the Etsy shop! All previous season Instant Comfort Pocket Boxes are on sale as well as prints, wooden key chains  and... the online 2D to 3D illustration course!!!

For how long? Untill sold out or till my pregnancy leave by about mid august... so make sure to take advantage of it now!! ;-)

See the SALE section at
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