Tel Aviv II


   This should be a free friday post but I'm gonna cheat a bit today as I have so
   much to share about my trip to Tel Aviv...

   Tel Aviv's signature ingredient must be eggs. They are on the menu everywhere!
   The best known egg dish is shakshuka: eggs (almost raw) in a delish tomato sauce
   with bread for dipping. Another really good one I had was a lentil salade with
   poached egg (my fave way to eat an egg).
   Of course I ate more than egg dishes... I had the best hummus ever, great fresh 
   salades and to most tender meat at the bbq friend S (our hostes) organised for us.
   (and if now you thought I came home in a bigger pants size... I actually lost
   some pounds!).


  1. I'm drooling, and you lost weight? I actually lose weight every time I go to Texas even though all I do is eat, maybe its the sun?

    1. wow, losing weight in Texas, that an achievement in itself, haha!

  2. kijk dat moet je gewoon elke dag eten dus haha Lijkt me geen straf trouwens...


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