w o r k s h o p s

If you'd like to do all the fun stuff I'm doing, join one of my courses or workshops!
There's even one online for those of you who don't live nearby. All courses are also
suitable for english speakers.

    (illustration & digital design)
    starting every year in march and september
    12 lessons
    Location: Utrecht, the Netherlands

   starting every month, 4 weeks
   Kim's Little Monsters (PDF self study, worldwide)

   Yes, you can also hire me for individual lessons!
    If you have a specific thing you'd like to learn (illustration, fashion drawing,
    technical drawing skills, etc.), please contact me by email. I'll make a custom workshop or series of
    lessons to fit your need.

  What does this expertise cost? ;-)
   €40,- (excl VAT) p/hour for private lessons
   €50,- (excl VAT) p/hour for 2 people (for bigger groups please contact me by email)
   This price includes basic material, coffee & tea

  Where does this take place?
  In my home studio, 15 km from Amsterdam CS
  If you prefer me to come to you: €10,- €20,- p/hour (depending on the distance) is added to
  the basic hour price + 0,19ct p/km


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